Firefighters come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and ages. The Cortland Fire Department is made up of people just like you who have full-time jobs and families but have decided that they can also make time in their schedule to help their friends and neighbors during their times of need. Our firefighters are men and women, career firefighters, high school students, mechanics, truck drivers, artists, tradesman, and retired professionals.

The rewards of being a firefighter are plentiful. There is the sense of accomplishment that comes from controlling a fire, the joy and elation that follows the birth of a child, the timid “thank you” that is received from an accident victim, and the satisfaction that goes along with teaching children about fire safety.

The Cortland Fire Department has a proud history of firefighters that have provided fire and emergency medical services to the citizens of the town. If you are willing to share some of your time and energy, we will provide you with the training and equipment you need to safely help your friends and neighbors.

Work With Us

The Cortland Fire Department is currently looking for new firefighters! Applications are available for pickup Monday through Saturday 9am – 5pm at the Cortland Fire Station. Click the button below to print an application PDF ahead of time.

Applicants for the position of firefighter must reside within a 7 mile radius of the Cortland Fire Station located at 30 W. North Ave. Previous experience or certified firefighters preferred, but not required. If you have any questions, please email Captain / PM James Zarek at

Application PDF
pair of firefighters in full gear