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30 West North Avenue, Cortland, IL 60112
For Emergencies Call 911 or Non-emergency call (815) 756-2545

To Apply Online
Please complete the online application or download the application and complete the requested information. Please be specific. Accurate information will allow us to provide a quick response.

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Job History

List all jobs you have held for the last ten years. Include periods of unemployment. Put your most recent and/or present job first. Include military service in proper time sequence along with temporary or part time jobs.

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Please list three adults not related to you and not former employers, who have known you for more than three years. All persons to whom you refer will be
asked to appraise your character, ability, experience, personality and other qualities.

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Emergency Contact

Please List up to 3 contacts to be notified in case of an emergency

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CORTLAND FIRE DEPARTMENT IS AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER. This organization is committed to the policy of equal employment opportunity in recruitment, hiring, career advancement, and all other personnel practices. Your job related experience and other qualifications will be considered without discrimination on the grounds of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, or physical or mental handicap. All information provided in this application will be treated confidentially, and will be used only to help assure the best of your abilities if you are employed with us!